July 7, 2011

Well, I Haven't Posted For A While...

So I just wanted an update- from you guys! Tell me here or around the forums if you're getting a lot or a little writing done- I've heard both.

June 18, 2011

New Inkpop!

Following the Inkpop updates, there has been a very negative response, for the most part. This causing many threads in the forums to be inactive, including the Summers. :/

I feel that this is more than likely because the 'Happening Now' box was taken off, so we're not keeping bumped up. So, I'll be posting the link here when we put a new thread up. Remember to watch them!


June 13, 2011

Great Start!

Well, everyone seems to be getting off on a good start!

Just remember- Inkpop is only up until 3 Eastern, so we only have a couple more hours to get those needed group WW's in before we only have our buddies!

June 11, 2011


A big thank you goes out to the Inkies that helped me send the messages to the Summers to let them know that it's starting tomorrow!
Free reads are going out to all of you, 'kay? Even those who asked not to be free-read.

I love you guys so much!

June 2, 2011

Date Decided

We're going to start on the 12th!


• We have all day to get started by WW, then we have the rest of the days Inkpop will be down to write.
• We'll set a goal to get to 10,000, so we can get our projects up in celebration of the new Inkpop.
• We can have email writing buddies!
• It will honor a transition from the old Inkpop to the new Inkpop.