May 27, 2011

Well, This Is Lovely

Inkpop will be shut down from the 13th through the 16th, so we can't start on the 14th.

Trying to decide if we should start in celebration of the old Inkpop on the 12th, or start in celebration of the new one on the 16th. Grr.


  1. Welll, if it was the twelfth:

    1) We have a kick-off on the 12th. One last tribute to the old inkpop would be nice.
    2) Without any distractions from inkpop, we write for three straight days if we can.
    3) And in celebration for the new inkpop we post our inkienowrisum books/stories up.

    dunno :)

  2. I agree with onions. If we start on the sixteenth we(well, I know I will) be too tempted to play with the new inkpop all day instead of write. :/
    The 12th gives more motivation :D